The Story

Written as a response to the author’s wish to connect with her late father, The Yellow Butterfly brings his unfailing positive attitude and love to children everywhere who need the powerful magic of heartfelt wishes. Now, whenever they see a yellow butterfly, they will know that their wishes have been given wings.

The Yellow Butterfly

“This was a fun book to read to my kids. My kids and I got to talk about the things we would wish for if we were granted a wish. What makes this great for moms is that the kids had to do something selfless and kind BEFORE they were given their wish. The children did this kind act without knowing that they would get their wish. This brought us to the discussion of rewards given to those who do nice things out of the kindness of their hearts. It is always nice to get that opportunity. There is a website your child can go to and enter their wishes and play games. Anyone would enjoy the message of the book. The illustrations are beautiful. Nice gift.”

Excellent Children's Picture Book

“After watching an excerpt from a local news channel about this book I had to purchase it. The news said that the first copies were given to a children’s hospital in Texas. The illustration has the Avatar look to it, the images look like they come right off the page. The colors and the writing fit so well together. I will be reading this to the kids in my 3rd- grade class in the upcoming weeks.”

Very sweet book

“Beautifully written, a message of wishing and hope. Every time I see a yellow butterfly I take the time to look and ponder my dreams and wishes.”

Your Wishes

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